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refers to guidance or advice that we provide to help some to resolve difficulties or issues within their lives with Apostolic Ministry in mind as their guideline. BBB's most important tool for developing future leaders at every level in society is to renew the student's mind with the washing of water by the Word. Our responsibility are inherent in Christian Education, because leaders at all levels need to understand Christian Counselling and Coaching process to lead and manage with wisdom in their lives and organizations. With this attitute of renewing the mind to achieve their desire goals and effects leaders should emphasize routine counselling to reinforce positive behaviour and superior performance. BBB provides leaders with opportunities to grow and lead with Christian Entrepreneurship in the lives that will bring a revival.

BBB are centered on the teaching of the Word of God.

Our Vision; is to teach and equip the Christian believers to lead in Ministry.

Becker Bible Books implements; TICU Curriculum Short Courses

Equipping and Empowering futureChristian Counsellors, Pastors and Christian Believers.

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Becker Bible is a Member of Team Impact Ministries

Pastor Merwe B.P. Min

 Pastor Merwe B.P.Min

Christian Counselor; Life Coach

Christian Counselor, Life Coach

Fitness Instructor; Personal and Group

Herbal Health and Solgar